Lens Focal Length . Filmmaking

Why use a telephoto lens instead of a wide angle? Have you thought about how a 50mm might change the feel of a shot compared to a 24mm? Why? How can it help drive or emphasise your story? 

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Making A Light-Hearted Short Film

Filmmaking is a difficult craft to practise. It's not like painting where you can grab some paint and a brush and practise a technique, or do a little study for a portrait. That's because filmmaking requires a lot of equipment and a lot of people to work that equipment. This can become frustrating...

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Best YouTube Channels For Filmmakers

This is a bit of a different list. Usually when you type in "Best Filmmaking Channels" into Google, you end up with similar names - DSLRGuide, IndyMogul etc.,

I wanted to bring you something different. Not all resources that inspire filmmaking are necessarily created for the purpose of filmmakers. So here is my own personal list of a few channels who help inspire me in my filmmaking and are constantly giving me ideas. 

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