A Q&A...

...with Jay

Where are you from?

I came into the world in Stockton-on-Tees, UK on the 19th October 1985. When I was still a baby my parents took me out with them abroad. My father is Turkish-Cypriot and I spent alot of my childhood in Turkey. When I was 14, I came back to the UK to go to boarding school. I went to Walthamstow Hall School for Girls in Sevenoaks, Kent. Back then it was a boarding school. I was one of the last boarders to attend. It still runs as a very well respected school today. Although I got a wonderful education, I was so homesick that I quickly returned to my family and shortly after that I went on to do a 6 month stint in Copenhagen at a TV studio where I learnt a lot about filming and editing. I’m definitely an international person, with an international family and an occasional flare of identity crisis but I’m now settled and happily married in the North East of England.

What camera do you use?

Since 2010 I have been using the Canon 5D MK II. It’s a wonderful camera and I hope it continues to serve me as well as it has. I tend to switch between the Canon 24-105mm zoom lens and 50mm.

What's your background in filmmaking?

The first successful short film I made was about domestic violence and won the Special Category Award at the Sabaoth International Film Festival. Since then I have written and directed multiple short films. From 2008-2015 I worked directing and editing TV programs for a non-profit satellite channel, where I learned an awful lot about pacing, planning and composition.

What is The Director’s Logbook?

The Director’s Logbook is a blog and YouTube channel that I set up to encourage beginner filmmakers in their filmmaking journey. I want anyone who wants to make films to feel that they can and I want to use what knowledge I have gained over the years to help others.

I also wanted a place where I could be me. I want to make silly little films, dark films, experiment with different techniques, talk about issues and have a place to share things that I can’t really share elsewhere.

What do you do in your spare time?

When I’m not filming I am usually writing scripts or short stories, watching Netflix or out taking walks with my husband Kevin. I also love to paint to relax.