Hello, I'm Jay

I was born in England and grew up in Turkey and when I was 14 I was sent to boarding school in Sevenoaks, Kent. After my A-levels I moved to Denmark where I spent 6 months as a trainee at a Christian TV Station. I did a short foundation degree in Digital Film Production and then moved back to Turkey and worked writing, producing and editing TV programmes for a Christian Turkish TV channel. I mainly focused on creating music videos and documentaries. After a few years of on hands experience I decided to go back to university and did a BA degree in Film and TV at Teesside University in the North East of the UK. 

                                                Jay & Kevin - photo by  Emily Frazier Creative

                                               Jay & Kevin - photo by Emily Frazier Creative

During my degree I got married (to a very special guy called Kevin!) and when I finished my degree after a year of not being sure what to do, I finally decided to start up as a freelance filmmaker and started making videos for charities and companies. I also made short films in my own time and wrote a lot of short scripts. 

One day someone had bought a new DSLR camera and was asking me how they could start making their own videos. I made a little video showing beginners what they would need to start filming. From there I started making tutorials aimed at beginner filmmakers, trying to give the encouragement that I needed when I was starting out. 


In 2016 my husband and I set out to start making a feature film that I had started writing back in 2008. Now, in 2018, we are on the cusp of finally shooting the film and sharing the progression of the film production online. 

What is The Director’s Logbook? 

The Director’s Logbook is there to encourage people to start making films. I believe anyone who wants to make films, can and should have a go. Especially women! We need more women wanting to make films and get their hands on a camera. Not just directing but taking on cinematography and sound. The film industry is often cut-throat, arrogant and cliquey and I want to create a space where no one has to feel left out or fight to learn the skills. I want people who come here to feel they can make any film they want to…and that they can strive to be good at it. I’m not about being successful or famous, but about becoming a better storyteller and filmmaker, and telling the stories that really matter. 

I’m always happy to chat, so feel free to find me on Twitter or Instagram