Best YouTube Channels For Filmmakers

This is a bit of a different list. Usually when you type in "Best Filmmaking Channels" into Google, you end up with similar names - DSLRGuide, IndyMogul etc.,

I wanted to bring you something different. Not all resources that inspire filmmaking are necessarily created for the purpose of filmmakers. So here is my own personal list of a few channels who help inspire me in my filmmaking and are constantly giving me ideas. 


Taylor describes her channel as "a channel about trying, failing, and beginning again. I used to make mediocre drawings. Now I tell stories about telling stories. I talk about stuff like the creative process, smashing the patriarchy, and bees." 

The reason I picked her is because I think you can learn a lot about writing from the way she prepares and delivers her short stories or thoughts. They always leave you wanting to join in, comment or continue in her thought pattern. That's good writing, when it engages and moves the audience. 


Probably the only one on this list who is categorised in the 'filmmaking' section of YouTube, Tom Antos brings you a mixture of useful gear reviews and technique in filmmaking. He really knows his stuff and presents a very calm, humble attitude that really adds to the wealth of knowledge he has. You can learn everything from affordable gear to editing technique to filming shots. What I love about his videos is that he really puts a lot of energy into showing you practically how things work as well as talking about it. Most of his videos involve a practical, working exercise of some kind.

The Michalaks

Apart from being a lovely, witty, fun family, The Michalaks have managed to create something that I haven't seen in any other YouTuber Family vlog channel - beautiful, cinematic documentaries about their life. I often think about Grayson, their little boy, growing up and having this wealth of stories documenting his family's life. I would have loved to have that now, it's very special. I think The Michalaks' channel is excellent for filmmaking because you can learn so much from the way Stefan paces his edits and uses evocative, shadow-and-light filled shots that capture people naturally. They also have some wicked drone footage (handled very tastefully) and Hannah and Stefan work wonderfully as a team to produce some lovely videos. A must watch for any filmmakers starting out. 

SoSonia on Soul Pancake

SoSonia started out on her own channel. She is an artist, writer and filmmaker who manages to combine these talents very skilfully. Mixing stop motion with beautifully shot footage and carefully honed script, she brings meaningful messages and wonderful visuals. Check her out on her own channel (she stopped this when she moved over to Soul Pancake) and on Soul Pancake which hosts a multitude of other amazing videos as well as hers. 

Here's my video summing them all up if you're interested. 

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