Filmmaking Equipment for Beginners

If you want to get started making your own films you're probably wondering what equipment you will need to get started. 

You can make beautiful content with very little. If you don't have much money to spend, you can still invest in equipment which, used in the right way, can give you great images and even get you paid work. 

Here is a short video, showcasing filmmaking gear for beginners. The one thing that isn't on there is a tripod, which is very important (but it wouldn't fit on the table)

I would invest in a really good, solid tripod with a fluid head. A sturdy tripod with a fluid head gives you smooth panning shots and doesn't shake in windy weather. 

Good sound gear is another important investment. As you can see in the video, I replace the RODE MicGo Microphone with a more expensive and much better Sennheiser ME 66. I've used this microphone for years and I love the sound it captures. Really high quality, clean and warm. 

I have used the Zoom H4N for at least 6 years and the Sennheiser ME 66 for longer, so you can see when you invest in good solid equipment it lasts. 

A lot of people get stuck on camera. What camera should I buy? What's the best for this price? Honestly, if you're starting out, just get a second-hand DSLR that works and start practising and building your framing, composition and lighting skills. You will upgrade eventually, when you're talent outgrows your camera. The T3i or Canon 600D is a good little camera to start with and will do a lot. You can even install Magic Lantern on it to give you extra tools in the settings. 

If you're interested in anything featured in the video (which is all gear I have used in paying jobs over the last 4 years) here is a product list with links. Some of the equipment will cost more in the links but you can look on ebay and to find second-hand versions. Things like tripods, lenses and microphones are usually okay to buy second-hand because the good ones last for years and years. Cameras can be more temperamental, so make sure you read all the info before you buy and I would suggest for cameras because they do a proper test before they sell them. 

Canon EOS 600D:

Sandisk 32GB:

Canon 50mm:

Zoom H4N:

Sennheiser ME66:


Spider Rig:

Photography Lights:

Liliput 7" Monitor:

Sony Radio Mic: 

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