a random thursday

So today we had a 'Storytelling' seminar (Seminar? Was it a seminar? It wasn't a lecture, but it could have been a workshop, then again it might have been a session, who knows...) Whatever it was called it was brilliant. I have always wanted to write a feature but just have never got my head around the tools to do it. That seminar gave me a lot to go on. I have an idea of who I will be interviewing for my feature article assignment. Got a feeling it will be a good one...I believe I have an interesting hook.

Pitching lesson, or 'Making It In The Media' seminar was fascinating. So far I disagree with the whole ethos of pitching. It seems you can sell a great idea and make a rubbish film and be considered wonderful for the former. However, I am intrigued by 'The Pitch.' This doesn't mean I can't learn to be good at it. Apparently we are expected to pitch an idea once a week. Looking forward to learning to love it.

Contemporary Media Industries. Scintillating! Inspiring! We all came out of the seminar buzzing from intelligent and challenging discussion. Plus, our lecturer took the time to learn all our names at the beginning of the seminar. Perhaps that was the biggest lesson of the day. For all our internet, youtube, facebook and twitters, we are all still at heart, purely social creatures. One person taking the time to remember your name can set off an openness in you that allows you to discuss and in turn inspires you far beyond watching a polished, hard-hitting documentary.