it's friday friday...getting sound on fridaaay

Audio. Boot camp style. After a year of trying to find a nice audio recorder to work with the Canon 5D Mark II, I was suddenly handed one in our lesson and taught how to use it. Oh so simple.

Our assignment was to record sounds. Inside sounds, outside sounds, a running commentary on something simple on campus and a few different voices.

At first, being naturually efficient rather than thorough I lazily resorted to the inbuilt microphones on the Sony PCM-D50. In a nice quiet room you can get away with that, and perhaps outside in a sunny country you could too, but in Middlesbrough where the clouds are never far, once I got outside in the open air, a gust of wind soon made me take up the external mic with helpful wind shield. Much better audio. Actually, if I'm honest, I think I would use that mic for all recordings.

Listening to my recordings was slightly worrying. I heard myself asking someone a question which they had already given me the answer to. Classic mistake! And, I was quite disgusted with myself to realise one interviewee complimented me and I completely ignored her, charging ahead into my next question. I know that I wasn't being rude, just desperately trying to plan the next question. But to any audience I would sound like a socially challenged nut.

Ate a bagel with ham and cheese for lunch. Untoasted. Apparently that is very wrong. Do you eat your bagel toasted?