sucking eggs on a monday

Today we were taught how to use a video camera. A Sony V1 to be precise. Which, in my opinion, is almost identical to the Sony PD170. A camera I have been using nearly every day for 3 years.

I had thought going over the basics would be good. For anyone. But there is basic and there is basic...
Of course, there were a few points I was refreshed on:
"Sometimes the lens cap does not go all the way down."
Oh. Sorry. It was just one point.
Morning lecture on 'Storytelling' was once again - great. We are expected to write a 800-900 word article on a close friend or family member. The lecture laboured on the difference between feature writing and news. Feature is an opinion in which you are describing the environment of the interview,  the character, perhaps dress of the interviewee and obviously, presenting your opinion as opposed to hard cold facts.
Spent tonight watching an 85 min documentary and making notes for our 'pitch' on Thursday. We were told to watch a TV programme and pitch it to the class. I am still not clear on whether we are pitching the TV programme as if we were selling it ourselves, or whether we are just talking about how great it was for 3 minutes or if we were supposed to come up with our very own programme pitch. 
Due to confusion I have researched my chosen programme as thoroughly as humanly possible so that I can either pitch it or just talk about it and I shall have a programme idea in mind in case we were actually supposed to pitch a programme of our own.
Better safe then murdered by angry lecturer.
Have not yet edited our VT for Fridays multi-camera shoot assignment. Only slightly worried.