tuesdays tasks

Today doesn't feel like Tuesday. It feels like it should be Thursday. Strange.

At 9 a.m we had our SKILLS boot camp session. This time it was all about Pre-Production. A welcome relief after 'Risk Assessment' (I can already tell risk assessment and I are not going to enjoy each other)

The lecture was all about how to research and plan a documentary before you even take a step towards the equipment. Quick recap from memory:

  • Why are you making your doc?
  • Who is it for?
  • What do you need to make it?
  • Who will contribute?

You then write a 'treatment' and a 'edit script.' I always thought they were called 'shooting scripts' but ok. Maybe I am old fashioned. ANYWAY -

A treatment is what you present to the people you want backing from. It describes the programme, what your idea is about and what theme it deals with. It also highlights who will be in your programme.

The edit script is more a list of each shot you need and what VO (voice over) or Interview goes with those shots

We were then told to get into groups and plan and write out a 5-10 minute piece for primetime on the 'One Show.'

Luckily I got in with a brilliant group. I hope they enjoyed working with me as much as I did with them. We built our programme around the new 'Robo Car,' a car that drives itself.

I was amazed that we had a whole short piece researched, planned and written up in a matter of 3 hours. Gives me hope for the future. Good planning and it can be done in a set timeframe.

Had a minor scare this afternoon. The VT we recorded for our live shoot on Friday was at the risk of being deleted but we ran to its rescue and I spent tonight editing it for Fridays shoot.

Really looking forward to Friday filming!