thursday and friday, down and up

Thursday morning, Storytelling. We had to pitch our idea for a feature article. 2 hours of students stories of other people. As one of my classmates said to me afterwards as we trudged desolately towards our next class, "There is so much evil in the world!" I believe out of the 16 or so students who pitched, 1 person had a relatively happy story in mind. Yet I am pretty sure that as disturbed as we were to listen to the downward spiral of horror, most of us were probably thinking the same thing. What a great story they've got.

Owch. In the 3 weeks since I've been at uni I have developed an even stronger hate towards news.

Then we had to pitch a TV programme we had watched.

After that we had Contemporary Media Industries and I felt sorry for our poor lecturer, who seemed quite puzzled by our deep, dark depression.

Friday. TV Studio. Our various mini teams were due to shoot the live show we had prepared earlier. Presenters, talents, VTs and all.

I was directing in my group so I was very very stressed to start with but as busy and demanding as that job was I got the biggest buzz from it. I am starting to believe more and more that if I want a job in the industry, that's the one I want. And I would like to take the vision mixer I had with me. He was brilliant. Knew what he was doing, did not cut into my creativity but took over when I missed something. I think next time, if I had the same vision mixer I would have agreed with him to let him take over more of the creative decision. Two pairs of eyes are much better than one. Our presenter and talent were brilliant, they really connected with each other on set and their discussion flowed almost seamlessly. I missed out correcting a shot on the presenter which was not centred properly. My fault, not the cameraman. I should have taken the time to correct it. I also cut too soon back to presenter on the intro VT so we missed a little bit of animation. The fact that the three of us planned together prior to the shoot and worked on a pre-recorded VT really helped because I think in effect we ended up having practised our shoot more. We also had a little discussion about our run through and questions about half an hour before we went live and that really smoothed out any rough areas as well as allowing us to add in some cute little shots, like the zoom out 'wave goodbye' shot.

I then shot from uni to home for about an hour before grabbing the Canon XL and tripod and shooting over to Stokesly for a bi-weekly youth group film shoot. I am working with a group of 17 teenagers, who will be making two short films in the space of a month and holding a mini film premiere on the 16th of December.

Last night I took them through the Canon XL and they had a go at shooting with it. Next week will be quite a jump as they have to then go straight into filming their short. I have very high hopes. Got some great scripts there.