monday in sixty seconds

Audio. Record and edit a 60 second radio drama. Not a second over 60, not a second under.

Luckily one clever girl in my team had come prepared with a radio script which we were able to take a section from and record. It's surprising what you can say in 60 seconds.
When it came to the recording we were advised to record in a space that didn't have much acoustics. The other two were acting so I was designated recorder. I found pointing the microphone down from a height over the actors picked up a better sound than from a lower position. We recorded the dialogue dry in an editing suite in aurora house and then trooped across to a kitchen to get the sound effects. (The script was set in a kitchen)

We managed to record the sound of a blender, a smoothie being poured into a glass and someone drinking the smoothie remarkably well. We had to re-record the sound of footsteps because the first time they sounded too slow for the action. Even though you're not capturing visuals, the energy still comes across in sound. Perhaps even more so than in visual production.

Unfortunately, none of us thought to record 'wild track' or the ambience of the kitchen as it were. So when it came to editing, the dialogue was well recorded and tight but there was no life. It didn't feel natural.

This is a mistake I keep making in my own projects outside of university. I never take the time to record wild track and I always regret it. A discipline that I need to develop.

I enjoyed editing the drama much more than recording it.