tuesday tiredness

Everyone was shattered today in video boot camp. It was weird. I put it down to the weather change.

We were taken through editing in FCP (Final Cut Pro) I had taken a course in FCP earlier this year, as well as having worked on it before.

We were asked to edit the footage we filmed last time in our mini teams. It has been such a long time since I worked with tape. Now I know why. Our tape seemed to have a fault on it so when we captured it split our footage up and missed out little bits. We even tried changing the camera we captured from but it made no difference.

Again, we had failed to record wild track for our video so all we had was an interview for soundtrack. It would have been nice to work with some outside sounds etc.,

I think I still prefer Adobe Premiere Pro to Final Cut Pro. I'm not sure if it's just the layout or because Premiere works so well with all the Adobe software...

The lecturer had Final Cut X on his laptop and I had a little play on it. Yuck. No thank you. It felt like a video game.

I think I might be happier cutting up 35mm film...