wednesday, what have I done???

This mornings 9 o'clock lecture was cancelled due to the lecturer having a sore throat. But I hope he didn't feel too bad because it meant that I got to go off with mum and dad and have a 'Birthday Morning' with them, which was lovely.

At 11 a.m I faced MAKING IT IN THE MEDIA, a module that has strangely started to grow on me. I suddenly realised halfway through that I need to come up with a film idea. Very quickly.

We are expected to pitch our film idea in December.

Not just pitch, but have a full package ready for 'selling' too.

The thing is, I have a lot of 'cherries to pick' (as our lecturer for this module puts it - slightly bemused by that analogy but never mind) I have a lot of stories and ideas to go on, but I keep getting stuck. Nothing really moves me.

The only stories that move me are those connected to Turkey in some way and yet I feel so far away at the moment...

We aren't allowed to pitch a feature film. It has to be short and it has to be a newish idea.

I've mused over a film about identity, a possible romance, perhaps ageism...

None of the ideas are burning.