friday flop

Skills. Well, let's put it this way. I didn't feel very skilful today.

We were given a topic and told to go away and prepare a preproduction treatment, shot list and power point presentation pitch...all in about 3 hours!

Our team decided to break off and do individual research then come together again and find an 'angle.'
Our topic was "Alhambra Palace", something none of us knew one little jot about.

Research proved distressing because there were so many angles we could have started from. Loads of history, loads of political issues, lots of famous characters who came into contact with the palace, lots of art, lots of architecture...lots and lots of stories!

It was interesting in that situation, to decide as a group where to take the programme. I think we all wanted to draw the viewer into the programme, but none of us seemed were very interested in the building itself. How do you convey excitement in a programme when you yourself are not turned on by the subject matter?

My immediate thought was to find something current in the news about Spain, where the palace is situated and link it to the palace somehow. Checked the news. Nothing.
Finally I suggested linking the 2004 train bombings to the fact that Alhambra Palace has been a strong link between Christians and Muslims throughout the ages.

My main reason for choosing that link was because footage of a bomb going off is guaranteed to make a viewer watch, whether they care or not.

Maybe that's a cheap shot. But it's the only way you would get me to watch a programme about architecture. I figured there may be a few viewers like me.

We took so long to choose our angle we ended up not finishing our shot list properly. We also tried to give people in the team different tasks but I'm not sure that worked entirely because then we sort of left each other to those tasks and didn't make sure as a team that the whole thing was ready.

All in all I found that particular task very stressful and unrewarding. I'm sure that had a lot to do with the topic we were given plus the fact we were given a topic in the first place.

Very big and essential learning curve today I think.