monday mess and tuesday trippin

Monday. A team production live show. I'll pick a less stressful job this time, says me. Presenting. Presenters just sit there and do what they're told. I'll do that today. After a long weekend of filming I didn't want to be on the techie side again. A quiet job for Monday.

As if.

I was quickly informed that Presenters write their own scripts and have to liaise with the Producer and co Presenter. Managed to throw a script together after chatting with my co-presenter and coming up with a plan.

We then ran in past the Producer, who was busy filming VTs for the piece.

It seemed to get the ok.

Which is why I was slightly confused when the script began to change slightly very close to the actual shoot.

For the first 20 minutes I think my microphone was turned off to the control room so no one could answer (or would answer) my questions. I even tried asking through the floor manager but failed.

Unfortunately, I think my stress came through on camera because I got told to 'smile.' Need to work on not showing stress so quickly.

After a while I made the decision to 'let it go' and do what I was told, however many changes they made in the short time we had before shooting.

I did feel it was important for a presenter to see the VTs they will be commenting on during the show before the actual filming. I had never thought about it before but they are as much a part of the creative side as the director and producer, especially if they were involved in the scriptwriting process.

It was a good role to try because I hope it would make me more sensitive as a Director to talent and their environment (are they cold?)

Tuesday. Audio. We had to create a 3-5 minute podcast. It is probably very telling that our podcast did not make it to 3 minutes and that I am still not quite sure as to what a podcast actually is.

Again, I was lazy with the recording. I got so frustrated with the interference of mobile phones during recording that I gave up and didn't bother to re-record and make sure there would be none.

Paid the price. A lot of the vital dialogue got lost in the interference.

The background music I put in was too high for the dialogue. This is something I have always struggled with and I'm sure it comes from my love of music and self-indulgence of simply layering everything in melody just so I can listen to it.

If I could do it all again (and I have a sneaky feeling they might make me) I would make sure I have enough material to fill at least 3 minutes, make sure the recording was clean and give myself more time for edit.