wednesday whacko psycho lectures...

It all started so well today. 'Contemporary Media Industries' was fine. Just fine.
It was all about the news and newspapers and whether the newspaper will survive this internet crazed generation.

I understood. I was happy.

Then we had 'Making It In The Media.' I was bombarded with numbers and dates and percentages and Samm kept talking about sandwiches.

Basically we covered being an Independent Producer in a world run by BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and something else. By law, 25% of broadcast material of every channel needs to be indie produced.

Whoop whoop.

No, not really.

Because at the end of Samm's lecture, after all the numbers and the dates and the percentages and reference to sandwiches, there was a little note.
It read: How does all this relate to your pitch?

And suddenly I got this horrible sinking feeling. I realised that all the information we'd been taking in about the industry, how they need this and they want that, meant that I, JAY am being expected to come up with a pitch for an idea that THEY want.

Not what I love.

"Yes. You sort of do have to prostitute yourself in this industry."


A couple of us had a tutorial meeting at 12. That consisted of chatting about PDP and our practical project in year 3. I hadn't realised we are supposed to 'specialise' in one particular area of production.

What if I don't want to specialise?

Tough cookie.

What if I want to be employed as a cameraman AND write and direct?


You must tick the box

The box says you can be on camera or you can be an editor OR you can write and direct.

They cannot deal with the fact you can do more than one thing. Whoever 'they' are. They want to see you spent XYZ hours developing one area of expertise.

I shall beat you, Machine. I shall.