thursday thumped it

Today was a good day for ego.

Took my feature article to Mark Handscomb for some input and he liked it!
Gave me some good tips to go on and cut my flowery useless wording.

Felt inspired enough to work on it tonight.

Unfortunately, it is now 300 words longer than it should be...

11 a.m:

Had to do a 3 minute pitch on a film character for Samm today.


Almost everyone wanted to watch the film.


Great debate in 'Contemporary Media Industries' about news propaganda.
Al Jazeera vs CNN.

The discussion somehow then spiralled into health care.
NHS vs America.

Spent the afternoon/evening searching for my lost moleskine notebook.
Checked Aurora studio.
No luck.

Searched room at home.

Had just about given up when I got a message saying it had been found on the 5th floor at uni.

Best message ever!

May have to come up with a reward for whoever found it.
After all, that notebook contains irreplaceable thoughts of Jayness