friday film challenge


Was supposed to leave the house at 8.30. Woke up at 8.
Apparently it is possible to shower, dress, hair and make-up in 25 minutes!
You learn something new every day.


The task presented to us by Matt was as follows:

"The Cost of Living"  2 minute film, written, shot and edited in 6 hours

We were placed randomly in teams. My group was a team of 3.
I suggested the first thought that had popped into my head when the theme came up.

Vampire drama.

Cliche, I know.

Which is why I am glad one of my team took that thought and we ended up making a Mockumentary about a Zombie in the recession.

So here are my thoughts on why our production went so well and why I really enjoyed the experience:

- We came up with a solid idea which we stuck to within the first half hour of our task.

- We outlined core sections we wanted in our film.

- The pre-production was done by 10 a.m so all we had to do was shoot which left plenty of time for editing

- We made sure there was variety in our shots.

- We listened to each other's ideas

- We made sure we had plenty of shots to work with when we came to the edit

- The editing process was shared between us which made it a lot lighter work

In hindsight, stuff I would have spent more time on:

- Sound AGAIN! Keep forgetting to make sure we have 'wild track.' We had to run out and record some half an hour before the end of our task

- Could have probably filmed some extra shots to work with

- Music? (maybe...our final film didn't have music but it fit the genre in a way)