wednesday, wake up and...

Morning, Contemporary Media Industries. Hollywood. Really enjoyed this one. It's funny to sit there and feel a slight annoyance and disdain for Hollywood all the way through and then realise that actually, Hollywood was the thing that made me want to become a filmmaker.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Last scene. Indiana Jones rides off into the sunset in all his hunky glory and that was when I decided I wanted to make films. I was 10.

Channel 4 people gave us a talk today which I wasn't expecting to be so interesting.
They are definitely on the ball when it comes to multiplatforming. Loved their open mindedness and eagerness to take on new ideas. Got me thinking about how to integrate multiplatform into my future ideas.

On the other hand, as much as the stuff they were bringing up excited me, I was still aware you could lose your actual content while trying too hard to make it multiplatform accessible. I don't think it would work for every production obviously.

there was quite a lot of talk about the relationship between audience and broadcaster changing due to internet. That now there is more of a two way relationship and the word 'broadcaster' may become or has become redundant because it is the audience who demands the content. So much so that the writers may even change their work to lean towards the feedback of the viewer.


I don't know.

I'm not sure I trust the audience that much...

But all in all it was a fantastic presentation.

I am sure that was nothing to do with the fact they were all women...

; )