thursday themes


I think I understand pitching now.

After scrambling desperately round the entire week for an idea for todays pitch I landed one last night. I decided to combine the two loves of my life. Music and film.

So I compared Musical Films to Musical TV Series. 'Blackpool' vs. 'Enchanted'. After many hours of watching both productions on youtube and making notes, I was not confident.

I will say this. I think watching the two productions and coming to my own conclusions saved me, rather than just reading up on them. Purely because I was able to convey it in a practical light.

It truly fascinated me during research to discover why Enchanted had a different feel to Blackpool. Something as basic as use of shots completely changes the style. It was actually a brilliant mini research project for what I want to do in the future because I can now choose what style I want and decide how to put it into practise.

Contemporary Media Industries:

What is the future of cinema?

I felt I spent most of this seminar throwing out obscure and fantastical theories on how cinema might/ should change in the near future.

I still believe in my idea of a Travelling Cinema Road Show.  Great for Independent Directors to get their work known. Invest in a blow up screen and a portable sound system, buy a lorry and travel from village to village with your film screening it out in the open (in the summer)

You bring your film to the audience. People could maybe watch it from their bedroom window that overlooks the village square. Passers by may just kind of stop and start watching. You spend two or three evenings screening it then pack up and drive to the next town.

We have to write a thing for this module. An "Annotated Bibliography" based 6 items (books, essays, articles) to support whatever theme or media industry we choose.

And then we have to Bibliografy them.

Sounds like a spell. That would be nice. A spell that does it for me.


Didn't work.