monday, making up a world with sound

Audio. I adored todays task. I was quite happy it was an individual project because I was able to be more relaxed with my idea. I also got to make my idea.

Task: Create a 30-60 second piece of audio that tells a story without dialogue

I started with the sound of a Turkish wedding song in my head...and ended up with the story of a Christmas stalker following a woman down the street. That may sound odd but I do wonder if I chickened out a little bit. I initially wanted to create the soundscape of Turkey but I just couldn't think of a way to do it...

I wrote a quick script and made a list of all the FX I needed to record before I booked the kit. I was really happy that I got all the sounds. I even got wild track this time! But what I was really sad about was I recorded the footsteps in the bathroom and you can tell. She's supposed to be walking the street and it sounds like she's walking the swimming pool.

That's what happens when it's too cold to film outside and the only place with a hard floor indoors is the toilet.

I think doing that task is a brilliant basis for filmmaking. If I could plan every film I make as an "audio piece without dialogue" and build up each story through sound before adding the dialogue...I would have some very powerful films. It really helps you breakdown your story and think about your plot in more depth.