tuesday take one...the only one

Video. Make a 2 minute film using only one shot. No editing.

Apparently a Russian art house feature film has been made and it consists of just one shot.
I still don't believe there is a man in the world who could operate a steadicam for that long.
However strong he is.

Our group wanted to do a murder scene. Our aim was to follow the victim and then switch to another character who we wanted the audience to believe was the murderer but turned out not to be.
It's interesting how having to get it right on the take makes you plan your shot much more precisely. I think most filmmakers get lazy when they are actually shooting a scene because deep down they are thinking 'Oh, I'll just grab this extra shot here which will cut into that bit there and it doesn't matter if I don't get it perfect in this take.' Whereas working on a one shot scene has a few advantages. It makes the actors work harder, it allows them more time to get into their roles and it makes the DOP concentrate on what they are actually taking into the composition at any given point. Oh, and of course you have much less editing to worry about and can grab a nice relaxed lunch after the shoot. It had never occured to me to try a one shot scene before. I particularly liked the example we were shown from "Goodfellas" (is that how it's spelled?) I want to try this technique in my own shorts in the near future.

After a whole day of that I scuttled over to the BBC for Writer's Block NE Storyboarding workshop, which was fabulous. I learnt new shots, new names and a lot about the use of symbols and shapes in film. It's interesting if you study that side of things, there is a whole other subtle level to filmmaking. A bit like English Lit and 'Wuthering Heights' when your English teacher tells you that all the trees and the bushes have another meaning that is actually a 'theme' running through the book.
Anyway, it was fantastic and I learned so much in just 3 hours. We got to come up with a film idea and then storyboard a section of our scene. Good training.