thursday, there is extreme weirdness

Making It In The Media. Pitching our favourite scene from a film. I should have really practised because the minute or so I lacked could have been made up with comments I thought of later. If I had worked out a bullet point system I would have got it all in.

Contemporary Media Industries. Well, we were deciding on some alternative cinema to watch and comment on and I just happened to have a copy of Cinema 16 in my bag that a friend lent me. So I handed it over.

I never knew who Jane Campion was until yesterday. I was probably just a little more innocent before 2pm yesterday than I am today. We watched "A Girl's Own Story" by Jane Campion, who I learned yesterday also made 'The Piano.'
Probably the most memorable scene in this short is a brother and sister having cat sex amidst a handful of electric heaters. Yes. That's right. I did say electric heaters.

What was perhaps slightly more disturbing was that once the film started I was hooked. I was glued in fascinated horror at just how twisted and incestuous it could all get. Someone disagreed with the way the stories were put together but I think it was clever. I'm not sure why yet.

*I would like to point out here that the film "A Girl's Own Story" has no explicit scenes in it whatsoever. Everything is suggested*