tuesday, wake up in the morning feelin' like... : )


I woke up feeling very frustrated today because I have so many ideas and I feel like I'm trapped and I can't go and make any of them. I walked into class feeling miserable and hopeless and Phil made the sun shine again! He showed us some music programmes he had worked on as Producer and talked us through the different roles and it just made me feel happy again. Enthusiasm is catching.

Our task for today was to go away and research the TV industry and any particular roles we are interested in. Then we had to define what is needed for those roles and how to work your way into those jobs from various routes.

I felt like I was being quite cliche when I said I wanted to be a Director. But I do. And I have done since I was 10.

Doing the research helped me to focus my thoughts. In my mind I keep chopping and changing between possible roles, between TV and Film, between freelance and steady. Looking in depth into the role of a Director reminded me that it is what I want to do. Of course I love operating a camera and I love editing but ultimately I do all those things because I want to see the final culmination of my film.

It was encouraging to discover that someone like David Yates worked in TV drama before directing Harry Potter. He actually broke into the industry through winning awards for his short films. (He also directed one of my favourite dramas ' The Girl in the Cafe')


I do wish the ugly dragons head of IPP hadn't risen towards the end of the lesson. Individual Practise Project. It still fills me with dread. It sounds like we are expected to produce something individually, focusing on our chosen role, but we are only allowed to use other students in the production and we can only start working on it after a certain date...

I am rather suspicious of the IPP