wednesday, where pitch and production meet

Contemporary Media Industries. 

Samm Haillay talked about his film 'Better Things' in which nothing ever gets better for the characters. I found the little stories he had about the making of the film and all the ins and outs of the budget really fascinating. I am still overwhelmed by the amounts of money he was talking about...for something as small as a minute of music.

I also got the sense that films are judged by other filmmakers by their budget. So an alternative piece of film that was made on a high budget is 'cooler' than one that wasn't. Why on earth that is the case is beyond me.

One thing I did realise is that I never ever want to be a Producer.

Making it in the Media

Samm played us the Director of 'Better Things' giving a pitch on a webcam. Suddenly all the theory and the concept made sense as I watched this guy completely draw me into the story he wants to tell. Well planned, cleverly structured and delivered as if he was having a chat over coffee on a Monday morning. It was also really good to see that you are allowed to talk about your inspiration and what drives your story from a very personal point of view.

I still feel frustrated.

I need to get out and make a new short