tuesday, matt dennis is awesome! : )


Walked into class this morning and was met with the wonderful sight of a scene from the 1994 TV series of Middlemarch projected onto the wall. A great start to my day. I adored that series. I used to watch it over and over again and still know almost every line.

So, discovering that Matt Dennis was not only showing us scenes from my favourite drama as part of the lesson but that he was also one of the dubbing editors on the production itself completely made my day!

Matt Dennis is now my hero and possibly the coolest staff member in the department.

It was eye-opening (or maybe ear-opening) to watch a very average scene and then be told that nearly all the background audio in that scene was built up in Post. For one of the scenes from Middlemarch the dialogue was completely re-recorded and dubbed over because the original audio was so damaged. I particularly enjoyed the way sounds can be assigned to specific objects.

We had to strip the sound out of a film and build up our own soundtrack and effects. Had a whale of a time. I love telling stories with sound.