monday vox populi


Did you know the Latin for Vox Pop is Vox Populi? I didn't.

I really really enjoyed Vox Popping. We walk past so many people every day who have fascinating stories but don't have any reason to tell them to a perfect stranger. It's a great excuse to just talk to people.

My question was 'What is your biggest regret?' I was surprised to find that most people were willing to answer. In fact, I had two people come up and ask me what I was doing instead of me asking them a question. At the same time, a lot just couldn't think of what to say. For this kind of question I thought it was worth leaving those responses in.

In my first edit I'd left in too much of my own voice, asking the question. You're not supposed to do that as a rule and when I listened back a few times I realised it's just pride really. I like to hear my own voice, I think most people do. And as I was told, "It's not about you is it?" It was a good lesson to learn. That when you're out there recording the Voice of the People it is THEIR voice you need.

I also discovered that for some reason when I was editing I left long pauses in people's responses when I could have just cut them out.