wednesday, hmph

Making it in the Media.

Samm talked about the Grammar of Film and how shots are composed. I had been through most of what he talked about before. I didn't know about the spirally thing though.

Straight after that I headed over to Writers Block and worked with James on my mess of a short film. It was really good. He highlighted areas I can work on and I came out feeling excited about it again. One of things I really like about Writers Block is that both Laura and James ask you very valid questions about your story and it really makes you think and then you sit there and go 'Oh, yeah. Why did I do that?' I realised that I hadn't developed my characters enough or put enough obstacles in their way.

The idea is there I just need to work out a strong plot.

So I came home and wrote out another variation of that story.

Then I practised the pitch for  tomorrow: a short musical drama. I talked it out loud in the kitchen about four times in a row and practised the song I'm going to sing in the pitch.

Then I had a bout of artistic depression which usually hits me when I've thought too much about a project and got really excited about it but become very frustrated because I can't go out and make it there and then. I sometimes wonder if I will die having never made any of my ideas. Then I worry that if I do die without having made them, someone else will find my film ideas, quietly weeping as they go through my belongings, and then go off and take my idea but produce it in totally the wrong way.

It's tiring being me.