thursday, Radio 4


SO this morning I took my four paragraphs to Mark Handscomb and he very quickly took my four paragraphs to pieces. I had to scrap my initial idea and come up with something new. Very glad he made me do that. I misunderstood the brief but my original piece of writing was a bit rubbish anyway.

Making it in the Media

The pitch went rather well. Phew!

Must say at this point, if it weren't for my mum it would have sucked. She got to hear the waffly, incoherent version and helped me make it solid. 

Contemporary Media Industries and RADIO 4 

We discussed radio. Made me feel rather sad. Radio doesn't seem to have a place anymore. I felt a bit sorry for it...

...until we listened to a half hour documentary from Radio 4 and then I stopped feeling sorry for radio and started feeling sorry for myself instead.

It was a documentary about "The Number Stations." 

It reminded me of a Radio 4 documentary series I listened to years ago based on Dry Stone Wall. 

I believe some of the titles were as follows

"Wild Walls"

"Rock Hard Walls" (Well I never!)

"Walling in the Future"

Need I say more?