thursday, a rather musical day


An entertaining and exciting seminar, actually progressed with my radio piece during the session and it was lovely listening to everyone else's introductions. I love listening to people read.

Why do we have to grow up and be too old to have stories read to us?

Making It In The Media

I pitched my film last week and everybody heard it so I didn't want to bore everyone again with the same story. Instead, I brought my guitar in and played one of the songs I'd written for the film. I was very nervous about sharing the actual musical part of my project with everyone (especially in front of young hip 19 year olds) but I think it went down rather well. Music always makes life just that little bit more fun.

It was good too because the feedback said I should definitely include the song in my real pitch after I talk about the story. Tom Gutteridge, I apologise in advance.

Lunch Time  (lunch doesn't usually feature in this blog but it was a musical one)

While I was moping about on M5, Fraser, Jordan and Alex turned up. Alex made me sing a song and then he picked up my guitar and started to play. He is amazing. There are not many guitarists I want to just sit and listen to but he is one of them. He played Paul McCartney's "Blackbird" which brought Mike Kirkup running and then magically the guitar was in Mike's hands and Stephanie and Mike were suddenly singing for us. It was very cute : ) Nice to know lecturers are just rockers at heart.

Contemporary Media Industries

Big big history lesson on the music industry. Then a big big debate on copyright laws.

Apparently I am wrong and a bad person because I disagree with Copyright where Film and Music are concerned. This, I get told by 19 year olds. When did you young things all become so moral? You're supposed to be rebellious and revolutionary! : )

Anyway, my take on this subject is that music is just music and though I could not live without it, it's not the be all and end all of life. It is a form of entertainment we find relief in. If someone else made money off my song I wouldn't mind. I would like the right to use my own song, but if some clever person got famous out of it, I wouldn't make a huge fuss.

The minute you put a piece of your art out there, be it music, painting or film, it isn't really yours anymore.
People can spoof it, copy it, change it, rip it, make comments, criticise it, tell you why they didn't like it, tell you should do something similar but how they want it... No point being precious.

Stephanie thinks I am a Rock Chick. Apparently I have the ideals of one.