monday, making an interview


I need to learn (practise) interview technique.

Today I interviewed John Louis Higgins, a local artist, about his own work and a new initiative he is involved in called "Pass It On Teesside."

Pass It On, Teesside

I had 2 hours to interview, edit and upload so it was all a bit tight and I felt rushed. I think I made John feel rushed too...sorry!

I had written my questions down, arranged the time for the interview, thought about what I'd ask...and the actual interview went very well. I enjoyed it. However, it was only later listening to it back that I realised I had made too much of the work he was involved in, instead of asking about him. Apparently my questions were too formal for the style as well.

John Louis, or Jean Louis as I like to call him, happens to be incredibly interesting and talented and I didn't work hard enough to really pull all the information out. Because ultimately, whatever you are promoting, it is the person that people are drawn to, so I should definitely have made more of that...

I think technically it was all alright though. I think I want to do it all over again when I have more time and get it right.

During the interview, John told me he had a website. He said "It has my email address...and that's it."

I thought he was joking...