wednesday, when Walkmans were cool...

Mike's lecture today was fab.

One of the things he talked about was how the way we listen to music has changed.

In the olden days, Mike had to get on a bus into the city, look for the record he wanted, buy it (with real money) get the bus home, find a quiet spot in the house to listen to it and to top it all the record had two sides which he would then have had to turn over.

Now, we just click a button and we have our favourite music.

But I think back then people had a big advantage over the current way of listening to music.

Mike had to actually put effort into going to get his favourite hit record. Then he had to actually sit down and listen to it. I am guessing because of that he would have listened to it properly and with more focus. Plus, since he had paid all that money for it (70p) it would have meant more to him.

These days music is so easy to get hold of, so easy to download. I have to force myself to listen to a song before my attention is diverted. Songs are attainable without paying for them (judge me not) so you don't really feel the album or track really belongs to you and you know you can listen to it whenever you want so you don't actually make time to listen to it.

Maybe with downloads music has lost its value?
Or maybe todays pop music is just rubbish?

I had a massive ego smasher when we were asked for our date of birth so Mike could find out what single came out the year we were born. When I shouted out "1985" Alex muttered, "Did they even have music back then?" and Kirsty piped up from my other side, "Are you sure you don't mean 1958?"

I never thought this day would come. I am getting the age jokes. From people born in 1992!


The single that Mike travelled so far to get was Kate Bush "The Man With The Child In His Eyes"
I have always loved Kate Bush but I had never heard of this one before.

It's gorgeous. I keep listening to it over and over again.

I had to find out what the story was behind this song. Very interesting:

In Kate's own words...