tuesday, radio feature/package/billboard...

Today in audio we covered Radio 'Features' or 'Packages' as they are sometimes known. A Feature/Package from what I understand, consists of a reporter linking together interviews and/or vox pops on a particular issue/topic/debate. They also have to write a 'cue' which leads into the feature, a short introduction written in such a way that anyone can read it.

Paul played us a couple of examples, one being a short feature on "The One Penny Piece" which took me back to quite a few blogs ago where I mention the BBC's radio series on "Dry Stone Wall" (see Blog Post  see The Wall)

But now to the task at hand.

We have been asked to write and produce a 5 minute Radio Feature on any subject we wish. It must include:

The cue
At least 2 interviews
The Links

And I am assuming it needs to hold the listeners attention.

Now I just have to think of a subject matter...