thursday, my dream morning

Why was it my dream morning?

Samm made us sit and watch three short films back to back and then discuss them.
The thing I get so many blanks look for in real life I am now being requested to do to get a degree.

I am not going to relate everything we discussed because there is far too much but one thing I will say is that it was a real eye opener as to how every scene in a film can and should emphasise the story.

Samm showed us his favourite short film, by a Swedish filmmaker called Ruben Östlund.

Now, even though it wasn't my favourite out of the three, I totally understand why Samm loves it like he does. It is one of the cleverest shorts I have seen. Although as a filmmaker I personally lean towards lots of moving close up, I am fascinated by the ability to convey powerful stories through a wide shot without cuts. It makes the script and the actors work harder for a start. Always a good thing in my opinion.

I almost wanted to call this film Dogme 95 except that it breaks ALL the rules of Dogme (Dogme_95)

The other two films we watched are too beaureaucratically well copyrighted to find online but believe me they were excellent