monday, macabre


Matt showed us a few documentaries this morning. The first one is a documentary about a Monastery in which the monks have taken a vow of silence. So the film has virtually no dialogue. It is what I would call a purist documentary. It doesn't tell, it shows. What it does do however, is make use of sound.

For those who are interested it is called Into Great Silence and was made by German director, Philip Gröning. I think...I looked it up so I hope there aren't more than one of those documentaries...

The documentary I thought was the best was a short commissioned by Channel 4 on Autism.
It was made up of animation, using the audio from interviews of people with autism. The way the sound was put together was very effective. The documentary was trying to present the loudness and the claustrophobia that is felt by people with autism. They had built up the soundtrack in such a way that I actually wanted to block my ears or leave the room because it felt too much and too loud. Very successful at getting you to empathise with the subject.

Task of the day:

Matt has asked us to get into groups of two or three and produce a 3 minute documentary on any subject we wish. I am working with Kirsty and Colleen on this project and Kirsty came up with the fab idea of doing a documentary around a Ghost Tour in York. She had been on one last summer and said the guy was a brilliant storyteller. Colleen and I immediately liked the idea. We are all interested in spooky, supernatural stuff anyway.

So we wrote up a carefully worded email to the man himself, received a positive reply and are currently trying to organise a day we can go and do a recce and chat to the guy.

Our plan is to go on the walk, mic him up to record his storytelling expertise and then film the visuals separately to work into his storytelling. Could involve a couple of trips to York which I am looking forward to driving.

We have a month to get this documentary done. Essentially, 3 weeks if we put aside a week for post.

Writing up a 100 word treatment to send to Matt and filling out a parashoot form is part of the brief.