tuesday, ey up romeo and juliet

TV Studio

Today I walked into the TV Studio and was met by a lively bunch of performance students. They were bright and eager and full of beans. They happily informed us that they were going to do a piece from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Northern style.

One cleverly worded adaptation of the line "and palm to palm is holy palmer's kiss" turned into something like "hello love, would you like a parmo?"

I love actors.

Today I was vision mixing. Heidi was our director. I believe it is the first time she's directed and she was great. She had a completely different style of directing to anyone else I'd seen, including me. Very gentle yet knew what she wanted. She encouraged everyone to 'figure out their own way of doing it' while still having a hold on the overall production. She gave a lot of freedom to the cameras and I think in the end the camera operators gave a better performance because of it.

I finally learned how to hit the record button on the mixing desk. Strangely it is something I have been wanting to learn for ages and was getting quite worried about.

It struck me this time, watching this group of actors, how some people really shine on camera. It is true when they say 'the camera loves her.' Something about this bunch dazzled the screen. They were extremely confident and you could tell they love to act.

So far i have noted that a relaxed and stress-free environment in studio has produced quicker and better productions

We were done by noon.