wednesday, SHUT UP!

Contemporary Media Industries

Today we covered Television. I was surprised to find out that up until 1981 there were only 3 TV channels in the UK.

BBC 1, BBC 2 and ITV. The year I was born it went up to 5. It all went downhill from there.

I'd never really thought about the BBC being license funded and what a difference that makes to the industry. Essentially they don't have to care about ratings because it doesn't affect them. That's my idea of a nice world.

Anyway, all the independent channels seem to have been born out the desire to go against the grain. Just to be different. Which isn't a very good reason to make something when you think about it. You should make something because you are passionate about its content.

Here is the Great Channel 5 launch in 1997. Very entertaining.

Then Mike brought our attention to the birth of the reality show. He played a tape (yes, a VHS tape) of a documentary which amongst other things talked about Castaway and Big Brother. Seeing Castaway was weird. I had totally forgotten about that programme. It was all very interesting but the whole tone of reality shows in general just makes me sick. Seeing it from behind the scenes if you like made it even more sordid and horrible.

This is the part of the lecture where I almost decided to give up the course and any desire I have to produce for TV and go and live on a farm somewhere.

So that totally depressed me and it didn't help that all the nut cases at the back decided to talk nearly ALL the way through the lecture. I was doing everything I could not to turn round and tell them in a very loud, angry voice that I did not get up at 7.30 in the morning to come and listen to them!

But I didn't. Because I'd rather not disclose my scary side.

Not just yet.

Making it in the Media

Samm took us through a 'Statement of Intent' and what is required. What it boils down to is making sure you know what your film is about, who your characters are and what their motivation is, the overall theme of your film, truck, cargo, plot, narrative...

The points he made about knowing your characters and the thematic essence of your film helped me to think about some aspects of another short script I'm working on at the moment. Adding details to your characters that make them a 3-dimensional character. Idiosyncrasies.

I was able to think about how I could add in some things to the script to make the characters more developed and real.

Not that my mind was wandering off during the lecture. I was applying what I was learning as I heard it in my head.