thursday, three Turks walk into York

I'm going to skip over the days lectures today, mostly because we watched a lot of films that I didn't enjoy, one of them being the first episode of "Lost." Dire. So bad. It was like Indiana Jones on prozac but taking itself seriously...(for a more in depth critique please see Fraser's Blog)

After classes, Kirsty, Colleen and I drove to York to film our 3 minute documentary for Matt Dennis.
It was great. We got all the eerie shots we needed and the guy we were filming let us shoot some very evocative ghost stories he was telling as we toured the city centre. He was so incredibly helpful and accommodating. Lovely lovely man. The lighting was superb for the mood and style we wanted. York is perfect to film at night. We were able to get a lot more than expected, in fact, we may not even need to go back for pick-up shots

Apart from the glitch in realising 20 minutes before our shoot that the radio mics batteries were dead (even though the little symbol told me they were full!) it all went very smoothly.

However there was one event of the night in particular that stood out for me.

Now, I don't usually write anything personal or non-studious in this blog, or I try not to. It's purely a log of what I am learning.

Nevertheless, just this once, I might indulge myself because it meant so much to me:

Just before our shoot, I was running around panicking after having bought batteries for the radio mic, with 10 minutes to spare, late and hassled, when I run past this couple and hear them speaking Turkish. I just stopped dead in the middle of the street, turned back to them and said in Turkish, "Are you from Turkey?" They man and woman smiled cordially at me, not realising what I had said so I repeated myself and their expressions turned to surprise and then instant delight when they realised I was actually speaking to them in Turkish. The three of us stood there, overjoyed. I burst out "I've just missed speaking Turkish for so long" and they said "So have we!" and we had this lovely little Turkish moment in the middle of York centre. Total strangers but such a heartfelt meeting. Then I had to run. 

It made my day really.