tuesday, transmedia

Mick Stockton: Transmedia Lecture

We have been given A TASK for this one. For next week is my understanding:

"Produce a short research video presenting your thoughts/ideas/waffle on what you think transmedia means to you and what it means today and email it to your valid group email address specifically for this project (query for details of address)"

What is Transmedia

Transmedia is media across a number of platforms.

Again, television used to be the standard way to get things broadcast, now we have non standard platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Channel 4 and the BBC have specific funding for transmedia productions.

(- Check out On Road Media -)

Mick kept dropping us massive hints that this is an area where people are not clamouring at the door to get in and there is a lot of opportunity (and money).

He highlighted the importance of net media.


The Obama electoral campaign - blogging, and how it affected his popularity two weeks before elections
The Twitter/Facebook revolution in the Iranian elections - mobilising lots of people at once to take part in activism

Transmedia in TV Series/Cinema

The Matrix

All of the above series used online content usage to heighten and extend their popularity. They also used the online content to bring the audience into the production of the programmes itself. E.g viewers could suggest stories and characters for future productions

Mick did stop to mention that the type of person this online content attracts are the nerds. The ones who are obsessed and cultish about the original content.

Someone who is a mad fan of Matrix is going to spend a lot of time reading into separate narratives that feed into the original. Extensions of the world that was created in the first place.

Gaming (don't switch off because of the name)

Different types of gaming which can promote businesses or establishments.

Foursquare: An app that tells people where you are and meshes your real life into a little game. E.g., If you visit a certain coffee shop enough you become 'Mayor' of that establishment. Virtual gaming that makes you buy more coffee from one particular shop.

Transmedia Audience Opportunity

1 to 1 relationship with your audience (e.g twitter)
Fans, geeks, bloggers (promoting you with their own fan site etc.,)
Relinquish control (allowing viewers and fans to input)
Crowd-source your content (allowing viewers and fans to help produce actual content for production)

Content content content

The fact that anyone can produce anything does sometimes bother me in that it means there is a ridiculous amount of rubbish out there (including a lot of mine) But Mick did remind us that regardless of how much rubbish people make, in the end it only gets known and liked if the content is good.

Which brought us to story:

- Story should dictate your technology -

- Quality content transcends technology -

Storytelling Types:

Linear - start at the start and follow to the end
Branching - loads of little pieces of content that a large percentage of might not get used
Parallel Paths - points where things always happen but there are a few different roads to get to those points in the story

Some examples of to mull over:

Why So Serious? ("The Dark Knight" marketing)

I Love Bees (marketing campaign for game Halo 2)

Psychoville (includes fictional web content to accompany the show)