thursday, tired


We all had beat sheets of our films and were asked to swap them over and then Ben would question the person you'd given your sheet to on your film. I like that method. Really allows you to step back and just listen and see things from a different perspective.

As an ending exercise Ben gave us a scenario.

3 a.m a woman wakes up next to her husband/boyfriend and in the next 3 minutes will decide whether she leaves her husband and child or stays.

15 minutes to write it. Go!

It was very fun to write but I am always shocked by what writes itself when someone else motivates you.

Making It In The Media

I enjoyed all the short films Samm showed us today. I think my favourite was "The Making Of Parts."
Samm was the producer for this one and Daniel Elliott directed.

It was an extremely clever film in that yes at first it makes you think the man is a predator. But it draws you in and out of wondering what kind of man he is, all the way through the film. Every time I thought I'd cracked it, the plot made me question myself again.

I had never heard of Jerzy Stuhr until Samm told us he is a famous Polish actor but even without knowing that, he completely envelopes you in his performance.

Both this film and the one I am about to link you to reminded me that short films really can be about very simple concepts. Even just an everyday emotion that most people can relate to on some level.

My second favourite was this Swedish short: Storstad


Kirsty, Colleen and I finished the edit for our 3 minute York Ghost Walk documentary this afternoon. Great feeling!