tuesday, looking back...

TV Studio

Today Lucy took us through our past work with the drama students and got us to discuss and assess our productions. It was quite an eye-opener as I suddenly realised how much we have learnt to work together as a group over the past 6 months. Of course there was stuff we could have improved and tightened but when you think about it it's a big achievement. It was good to be able to be honest about how we interact too and then leave it and move on, rather than being defensive about it.

As in video, one of the main things that came out of assessment was the importance of getting on with other people and teamwork. Working as a team. It's something I have always wanted to learn and I think I am slowly starting to.

The other great thing about today was that Lucy used us as crew while she directed a news show, to give us an idea of roles and how a professional directs. The authority in her voice and the smoothness with which everything ran was duly noted. Obviously that comes with practise but it was encouraging to see what you can become eventually. I would love to develop that skill and ease at directing.