thursday, fare thee well

Making It In The Media

I was very sad today in Samm's seminar realising that it was his last one for a long time.

I feel I have learnt so much from him in the last 5 months. Really solid stuff. Because of his teaching I can walk into a room and pitch an idea for a film. I mean, I'm not brilliant at it yet but I can get  my head round it. I would know what to do. Not only that but he somehow taught confidence. Difficult that.

Aside from the pitching, I have just loved his analysis of short films. I've seen shorts I would never have come across myself and it has really broadened my view of filmmaking in general.

Perhaps I am being a little over emotional here but I think it's true to say Samm's lessons even helped me find my love for the art of filmmaking again. It's easy to get sidetracked by the mundane, by what other people want from you and by just the general swamp of cynicism around you. But watching and talking about those little films (and I mean really watching them) brought me back to why I wanted to make films in the first place.

The current short screenplay I am working on needs a lot of work but the one thing I am rock solid on is the plot. Purely because I had to get up and talk about it again and again and again. I would have never considered that talking out and reshaping your story in front of a small audience before you even lay pen to paper would truly cement your idea.

I've gleaned how he works with people in a production and I've seen how he deals with people in general and I hope one day I'll learn to be as skilled at it as he is.

Samm has encouraged me in my short musical drama, helped me find Anthony Head's agent and pointed me in the direction of Dennis Potter and The Singing Detective. As well as putting up with my incessant questions.

He is a brilliant teacher.

In Turkey, teachers are called "Usta" which means "Master." Master of their trade.

Very few people gain my respect.

Samm Haillay has.

Happy filmmaking Ustam!