monday, where did all the audio kits go?!


Today was the long awaited 6 hour film challenge for our final video class with Matt.
He gave us a heading ('The Perfect Day'), placed us in groups and off we went.

I really enjoyed working with my group. They were all up for trying some serious drama filming and we came up with an idea without any aggro or stress. We decided to film the story of a stalker who ends up being stalked himself.

I excitedly volunteered to be sound recordist: A role I haven't seriously attempted before but have been wanting to dabble in for a while. I bounced down happily to book out our equipment plus sound kit only to be told that I could not book out a sound kit because somebody had booked every single one out already. How inconsiderate.

Luckily Heidi had her trusty little Sony recorder with her so I used that instead. In the end I didn't use much of what I recorded on set, a couple of doors opening and squeaking and the like. For the style we filmed, the sound the camera picked up was appropriate. In the end I spent most of my sound role in the edit and adding in music. Of course in retrospect, a 6 hour film challenge was not the best time to test out my sound recording skills at all.

I was very proud of our little film because I think the camera operator spent a lot of time and thought on the shots and we were all part of the shoot. We made a few mistakes by not shooting transition shots between scenes, but managed to patch that up in the edit using shots from a totally separate scene. Our story was well presented and our actors were extremely convincing. We didn't use a tripod as much as we should have done. This is a mistake I make in my own productions all the time. One day, when someone clever invents a people friendly tripod this might change.

All in all, it was an enjoyable filmmaking day and a great team.