thursday, why Koyaanisqatsi is the best film ever


Today was a chilled lesson involving a little writing activity. Ben put us into pairs and asked us to write a dialogue with some rules:

1. You can only use 10 lines of dialogue

2. Each line can only consist of 5 words

3. One character is a black market baby-seller and the other character is a home-owner being sold a black market baby

Kirsty ended up shooting me in our scene. Great scene.

Making It In The Media

We sat and listened to the 2nd Year film pitches. A lot of them were good but I have to say, whatever happened to spinning a good yarn? All of the films were about gritty, dark, depressing situations that mostly happen in real life. I like stories that take me away from life. I just like stories.

I watched Watership Down last night. It was my favourite film as a child and it still holds me spellbound all the way through. Now that's a story. And not just because it's about rabbits you cynic. Watership Down is where I learnt about The System and control and leadership and being brave. I remember thinking when I was little how I would love to die like Hazel does at the end of the film. He just lies down takes two breaths and is still.

Contemporary Media Industries

Then we come to the crux of the matter. The reason I wrote this entry today.

Here is why I think the Francis Ford Coppola production Koyaanisqatsi is the best film in the world:

1) It is so delicately subtle, one may hardly realise it is a film

2) You can start the film at any point and never miss a plot point

3) It is unconventional

4) It has a unique soundtrack

5) It communicates a message without words

6) It is environmentally friendly

7) The narrative creates a perfect circle, ending ingeniously where it began

In other words:

It was the most mind-bogglingly banal, insipid, arid, wishy-washy, flubberlupping, sapless, irksome, endless, humdrum, interminable piece of drivel I have ever seen.

In addition to which it has a very, very silly name.