thursday, 'thrippulent' is not a word but it should be


The exercise Ben gave us today was fantastic. It really really helped me think about my script properly because I kept hearing myself say, "Umm...well I don't really know what they would do there," which is always a great thing to be asking yourself when writing a film.

Basically he got us to write down the sequences of Cause and Effect in our film. Stepping away from dialogue, what causes what to happen at each stage in your film and what effect does that event have on your characters?

Example: David spills a cup of coffee which causes him to shout at Susie, Susie is hurt which causes her to throw the ring David got her out the window which kills a passing duck

Honestly, try it with your script. It makes you bleed but it's great!

Making It In the Media

Listened to some more 2nd year film pitches. My favourite was 'Owl Hands.' What if you had owls instead of hands? Yeah. Think about that.

Again, why aren't more people writing out there films, wild and wondrous stories that titillate the mind?

Contemporary Media Industries

We watched the Post-Modernist episode of X-Files and had a little discussion about post-modernism.
I have never really asked what post-modernism is. It always sounded like one of those pretentious words that I wouldn't use even if I did know what it meant. So I avoided it. I gather post-modernism is paying homage to past works of art in your own work. This particular episode of X-Files had a lot of references to Frankenstein and Dracula and Hitchcock films.

I suppose the latest Muppet Movie is a post-modernist film in a sense. It pay homage to the what the Muppets used to be which you could argue is a genre in itself now.