tuesday, tracks are dangerous

Today in TV Studio I almost sliced my little finger off. We learnt how to put together tracks. It is quite a tedious setup and one must be prepared to lose limbs in order to get a good result. The tracks fold up so they can be put away and are quite bendy and awkward. The actual track part is made up of smooth metal slats that have very sharp edges and as I was unfolding one piece I let go and it slipped back and caught my fingers beneath the razor sharp edge. Luckily I escaped with a bleeding finger and my hand is still intact.

We also got to experiment with the jib. For years I have been wanting to have a go on a jib and I was dying to play with it. I was a bit disappointed to discover it is really really difficult. To be able to move the arm and tilt the camera at the same speed, smoothly is going to take a lot of practise.

A well used track and crane make everything look so much more professional.