tuesday, TV studio photo show

Walking into Athena this morning was a very strange feeling. I feel like I've been away for years, probably because I've been working almost the entire two weeks and in two different countries with different people so I think I felt a little disorientated.

Today was definitely the most relaxed TV studio session we've ever had, considering it was possibly the longest. I wasn't around for the planning so I walked into it not knowing much except that I would be editing a VT in the morning.

I went out with a few people to watch the VT I would be editing. It was raining. Surprise surprise.

An edit suite had been booked so we trooped into Aurora after the shoot and were handed a hard disk and a card reader and off we went. It was good to see the technicians in Aurora house again actually. A random point but valid. Techies are the rock of production.

I thought the Photography Show was a really well planned programme. The script was good, there was a good variety of VTs which had been filmed and edited the day before and everyone seemed to know what they were doing.

However, it did take us nearly the whole day to film it and I'm not quite sure as to why, I think it came down to the play out on the VT causing problems. FCP kept telling us to render the timeline and then started calculating 20 hours for a 20 second piece.

Anyway, today was strangely calm