last written assignment submitted. check

Strictly speaking I shouldn't really write this post because I decided when I started this blog to only post on days where I had lectures/seminars or other university related activities.

However today, I feel, has been a bit of a landmark.

I submitted my final written assignment of my 1st year at Teesside: My 10 minute script for Storytelling. What is even cooler is that regardless of what mark I get, my last tutorial with Ben brought up two issues in the script that allowed me to learn a type of formatting specially for musicals and change a really important part of the dialogue which made me happy with the whole thing.

I am now thinking about how I will go about storyboarding and other pre-production plans. And how I will hook the actor I want. He's quite well known. If I can just get him to listen to the songs...

I considered funding for it but after a good bit of research I discovered if you are in full time education you are very limited with applications. I know that this particular actor has waived fees before for short films by unknowns so it is not impossible. Also, I have access to a good camera so why not use it? Though I was momentarily tempted to look into renting an Arri Alexa I quickly realised that is nothing more than pride and trying to look professional. The camera won't make any difference anyway.