reboot camp: day one

Spent the morning in Aurora TV Studio being taught the lighting equipment range and how to set it all up for an interview.

3 point lighting. Keylight, Fill and Backlight.

The key light is your main illumination for the subject.
The fill light diffuses any uncomfortable shadows in the eyes or being cast from protruding facial features
The Backlight is meant to separate the subject from the background and give depth to the composition

I quite liked the mini Dedo Light kit. You get the three lights and they're quite light (haha) and easy to handle. What was even cooler was Richard (Is that his name? None of us are sure after a year of working with him) showed us a Gobo Projector. It is a soundless little projector that takes glass slides (which you can get printed if you wish to whatever design you want) and projects a pattern or image on to the area behind your subject. So it makes a boring background look interesting.

I think I would have quite liked to have some Performance Students there and been asked to try setting up lighting for a dialogue scene or something, as well as the TV interview technique.

It was good to be reminded of how to use lighting and differentiate between the various types of light kits. I'm still not sure as to why this Reboot Camp is taking place just before 4 months of summer holiday giving us all plenty of time to forget everything.

On the upside I found out today Aurora is open during the summer. So I might just go and hang out there sometime...For those of you who don't know, Aurora House is where all the equipment and the cool, laid-back technicians live. Techies are great. There should be more of them in the world. They enrich your world with technical skill and knowledge without telling you to change your creative content.

We had a very very long lunch break so I took myself over to the Library and went up to the Silent Zone armed with a truckload of books on Script Writing and Character Development. It didn't help me write an amazing short film but it looked great.

In the afternoon we were taken through the card version of the Sony camera. I wasn't that excited by the camera but it beats tape. It has a gimmicky feature on it where it records in quite good slow mo but you lose quality. I dunno. I'm becoming more and more attached to the DSLR. Not sure whether that is a good or a bad thing really.