reboot camp: day three

Final Cut Pro X

Today we had a quick run through FCP X. Which looks like an iPhone app.

Then we were told to play on it for a few hours to get used to it. It was the first time I had edited with it in depth. Surprisingly, it is possible to edit with. I still hate the interface and the colour. There is a reason the background should be grey and not black...Easier on the eye.

Interesting points about FCP X:

  • There is no "Save" option because it automatically saves for you

  • There is only one monitor which plays both your Source and your Timeline when you scrub over it

  • It shows all your Projects at once

  • You can just pull clips in front of each other on the Timeline without deleting, it automatically pushes everything along

If someone paid me to edit with FCP X I would.

Now, who will pay me?